The mycellium for regeneration

Mycellium is the network of the forests. It is fungi fibers composed by huge amount of cells connecting the roots of every plant and distributes resources to all, or where most needed.

These fibers, with many other organisms, give fertility to the soil and allow air to become part of the air. This is why water can come in easily inside the land. Water starts to flow toward the aquifers and, in the meanwhile, give life to all the forest.
All this filtering and flow become healthy creeks and rivers that carries good information, minerals and well being to everyone in its path. This is a watershed.

Humans have the amazing function of taking care of the watersheds. Including biodiversity in the culture of food and fibers integrate their doing with the watershed. And in the most amazing action of humans is the fractal effect of becoming themselves mycellium to create fertility and permeability of water in another scale.

Life flows through the watersheds at any scale, and it regenerates itself. We just need to gather around watersheds, and in the realization of interdependence, allow Life to flow through our actions, hearts and will.

RCN weave those bioregions in a branched multi-scale, to cross pollinate and serve as a bigger scale.

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