History and Why

We come from the best possible future. A time and place where humans live the dream of Earth in mutualistic distribution and radical collaboration with the biosphere.

We come from the dream of several people engaged deeply in changing different living systems: From diverse fields of work such as biodiversity restoration and conservation, education, economy and finance. The magic started in Costa Rica when changemakers Eduard Muller, John Fullerton and Stuart Cowan met in person to catalyse action grounded in the territories or bioregions where they worked and informed by their knowledge and capabilities. The Regenerative Communities Network (RCN) was launched on October 6th, 2018. A Network seemed to be the best way to build place-based regeneration (watershed-by-watershed) across the planet, just as Nature would do it: from the bottom up, modularly and in inter-dependence. Our connectivity started to bring together regenerators engaged in many bioregions around the world, especially in LatinAmerica.
We had the first official global in-person meeting in 2019 when 26 bioregions came together in Michoacan, Mexico. There, with the magical power of monarch butterflies as a keystone migrant species, we had the beautiful experience of finding a tribe with whom to weave regeneration around the world.
There, at the top of the butterfly reserve, we took the time to reconnect with Nature in silence, together, and the mountain opened our hearts. We all had peak experience at one point when we opened our eyes and saw that we were totally embedded in clouds. By the end of our reconnection process, the sun was shining on us.

Topics started to pop up as part of the amazing collaboration process we experienced there. Education, Finance, Inner Evolution and Regenerative Narrative were some of the main ones.

Since then, we started experimenting with what it is like to behave as a living organism: Self-organising in working groups, creating resilience, feedback loops and holding spaces to reconnect ourselves to our own natural regeneration and relationships. There have been many challenges, as expected, but we have been able to manage them because we had experienced the magic of Nature when we were together and we have a common purpose of system regeneration for thriving lives. Being in nature together, in a place of power really helped ground our common principles for the creation of this powerful network.

All new people and bioregions have sensed the connection and share the deep engagement on this path of acting locally and connecting globally within the emergent movement. We know we are not the only ones doing regeneration, we just want to hold space for the conversations and flows we all need. Welcome to the emergence of a regenerated planet.

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