Funding global regeneration

RCN is developing bioregional regeneration investment opportunities and we are aiming to facilitate capital into initiatives for bioregional DEVELOPMENT. RCN aims to serve as a channel of resources for regeneration.

Key members currently working on this:

Capital Institute in the USA and globally. SVX Mexico for Latin America: SVX Mexico advises impact investing opportunities since 2015, has cultivated more than 1,000 investors in Latin America under the Regenerative paradigms and is currently advising 4 Mexican landscapes in a blended finance process, a Colombian rural grant facility and cultivating a new paradigm for Biodiversity investments in Peru.

RCN is focusing on the integration of resources – information flows. In Nature, mycelium acts as a distributor of resources. We know that many people in the bioregions will need relatively little amounts of money to develop their regenerative productive projects, and that their needs are not being served by microfinance or traditional approaches to investment. We need to link global investment with local needs through distribution channels that support whole ecosystems of regenerative work via dozens, hundreds, and eventually thousands of small units of non-extractive funding.

Regenerative projects

The conflict between impact investment and regenerative projects must be addressed. The “normal” model of maximizing profit over short time frames does not fit with the natural cycles of the land and of the people living on it. These require processes that build self-sufficiency and ongoing community integration.

This gap is revealed in the self-defeating approaches that owners of financial resources are choosing to take risk: by doing so in ways that are not well distributed, they increase the degradation of the planet and thus increase the risks they wish to mitigate. This is why investment has flowed into extractive, short-term oriented activities. But we have now hit the boundaries of the planet and we cannot continue with this “diabetic” approach to the distribution of resources.

Our vision for Regenerative Finance offers a way to shift to a new paradigm that is commensurate with these times of deep planetary crisis. RCN can be a channel for the distribution of resources based on data about the environment and communities that is gathered using innovative tools and processes for collecting and visualizing information. This is a must if we want to bridge the gap between money and the planet.
In this way, we can catalyze the relocalization of development, e.g. transforming agricultural practices in ways that build fertility and the capacity to recycle resources, thereby eliminating the need for continuous external inputs and investment. In order to do this regenerative finances needs to include natural cycles of the regeneration of the soil and biodiversity if we want it to start to produce value instead of depletion of its renewable capabilities.

This is the shift from extraction to regeneration.

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