Nature creates abundance between limits and borders with everyone involved in an environment where cooperation is the way to create it. Competition just creates stress and that is why it is avoided by all species. Yes it induces changes but the real long term thrivability relies on collaboration.

RCN help fill the gap between the bioregional development and the impact investment sector by creating a common understanding and a channel for distribution between the capital and bioregional regeneration. RCN is connecting bioregional regeneration investment opportunities and we are facilitating a transdisciplinary communication to bridge impact investment and regenerative development of bioregions in many countries around the world.

Key members

Key members of the network have been exploring this bridge and we are currently working on this. The key members are: The Capital Institute in the USA and globally, who creates a platform for regenerative economy and investment; and SVX Mexico advises impact investing opportunities since 2015, and has cultivated more than 1,000 investors under the Regenerative paradigms and is currently advising 4 Mexican landscapes in a blended finance process, a Colombian rural grant facility and cultivating a new paradigm for Biodiversity investments in Peru.

A real distribution for regeneration

Following Nature’s ways, we act as a mycelium distributor of resources connecting resources and needs for bioregional regenerators as well as other networks to really connect and have a real impact. Many networks and NGOs link global investment with local needs through distribution channels that support whole ecosystems of regenerative work via dozens, hundreds, and eventually thousands of small units of non-extractive funding. We know a real distribution for regeneration must be done in a Radical Collaboration process, as the movement of regeneration sees the only way of overcoming our biggest challenges.

The bridge between the financial “normal” model of maximising profit in short periods of time has to grow into the creation of abundance following the natural cycles and the awareness of being part of the circle. These require processes that build ongoing community integration between all the actors at many levels. We all need to take risks to see the world differently. The personal reconnection is then essential for all humans to create what is a common dream of a thriving Earth.

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