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Place-based Connections


A bioregion invites us to inhabit a place in a way that is full of relationship. Seeing where the natural boundaries of our bioregion are, we can then see the many eco-systems and human systems alive within it. All of these systems like fresh water and biodiversity or transport and health are connected. There is also a connecting story that starts in deep geological time, shows up in the landscape and soil and then in human culture. Bioregioning is the collective practice of bringing vitality to these connections, angling the systems towards regeneration, and taking actions for a climate resilient and biodiverse future.

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Big watersheds and their active bioregions

How to create a bioregion

Framed by Life's principles you need to identify the needs of the moment of the watershed closer to you. Then act to reconnect the individuals, the colective, the flows and all relationships to the bioregion. This regenerates the land, the spirit, the economy, the governance, the culture and the society.

If you are interested in beloging to RCN, leading or wanting to create a bioregion, please contact us.

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